'Shilla' signifies the most precious fruit of nature.

Our brand, Shilla selects invaluable ingredients from nature as we make clothes for people's comfortable life with utmost care.

Shilla's products are created from integrity, nature and tradition. 

'Shilla' mainly uses viscose rayon; an eco-friendly material.

We use natural materials, natural dyes and handmade methods aimed to satisfy the pursuit of nature for our customers in their 30s and 40s. Shilla's 

products are made using traditional techniques and are produced by skilled specialists in small factories.


Viscose rayon is a natural cellulose material extracted from wood.

Viscose rayon is known for its lightweight, cool and breathable quality.

Additionally, it has an excellent sweat absorbent property and no static electricity, so you can feel comfortable when you wear it.

The natural fiber of viscose rayon does not irritate soft baby skin or sensitive skin.


Shilla is a brand based in 'Dongdeok Textile' which represents Korea's viscose rayon production.


Dongdeok Textile is a textile company based in Daegu that has been creating viscose rayon in a traditional method for 40 years.


March 1976    Established 'Samgongwo (305)' 

December 1978    Established 'Jinyang Textile (1st factory) 


September 1986    Established 'Dongdeok Textile (2nd factory, jacquard specialty) 

March 2004    'Samgongwo(305)' wholesale and retail store opened 

March 2012    Launched 'SHILLA', a professional apparel brand 

January 2018    Textile and apparel manufacturing distribution company Co., Ltd.

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